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Breads/ Buns
Created by Shelly
This recipe was given to me by my aunt.
Created by admin
These are usually eaten in a soup or fried and eaten with "provisions" (plantain, cassava, edoe, etc) and the side dish of your choice.
Created by foxychickk92
Rock buns ..yummy
recipe image
Created by Aaron430
Dessert flat bread. Used for puja's, and served with other sweets including parsad, and pera, this dessert can be clasified as a rich thick, dense, fried bread that can be crunchy, or rubbery and chewy. Roath with a cup of tea is a tasty treat!
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Created by Aaron430
A Long Awaited And Anticipated Recipe For Many Of Us!!!!!!!! Whether it's eaten toasted on a hot tawa with butter and a cup of tea, or eaten with pepperpot on christmas morning, GUYANA PLAIT BREAD IS THE BEST!!! :)
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Created by Aaron430
Need I say More? Just Like the Plait Bread, Tennis roll is the same thing, but made into a lemony scented roll. When eaten with butter and a piece of dutch head cheese, there is nothing like it in this whole world! With a glass of icee cream soda and evaporated milk, one taste will make you feel like you're back home in Guyana!
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